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04th July 2013

Trade Notice to All Exporters and Customs House Agents

Changes to the Export Cargo Clearance Procedure

With the objective of expediting the export cargo clearance, Sri Lanka Customs has decided to introduce the following changes to the export cargo clearance procedure with effect from 01.07.2013. The main objective of introducing these changes is to reduce the processing time and cost incurred during the Customs clearance.

Accordingly, following changes shall be introduced to the existing export cargo clearance procedure.

  • To process the eCusdec without hardcopy and the physical presence of the Declarant at the Customs Export Documents Processing Centre.
  • To collect the Examination Fee along with the other payments in one instance.

To enjoy the benefits of these changes the exporters are required to appoint their Clearing Agents (Customs House Agents) by submitting a Proxy to the Exports Office of Sri Lanka Customs. A draft Proxy and the instructions to register the same with Sri Lanka Customs are available at the Customs Website at

Please refer attached circular for further information.


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