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Issued by The Merchant Shipping Division, Sri Lanka
MSN 07 /2004

Notice to, SHIP Owners, MASTERS, Officers, Managers, Port Facility Operators, Shipping agents & Port Users


The IMO Diplomatic Conference on Maritime Security held in London in December 2002 adopted several amendments to SOLAS 74. These amendments include the introduction of Maritime Security into SOLAS 74, which incorporates the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

The requirement of security certification specified by the ISPS code for ships and ports will come into effect from 1st July 2004. The new regulations Under the ISPS Code are expected to improve ship and port security and make them less vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Port Security plans for all ports in Sri Lanka are now in place and will be in full operation with effect from 14th June 2004. Applicable vessels may not be allowed to enter Sri Lankan ports after 2400 hours on 30th June 2004 if they are not in possession of an International Ship Security Certificate issued by their respective Flag States. Port Facility Operators are requested to check ISPS compliance before they undertake to provide services to vessels. Port Facility users could obtain details of Port Facility Security Officers for all Sri Lankan ports from Sri Lanka Ports Authority

All applicable Sri Lankan ships should posses an International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC) and Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) by 30th June 2004. Sri Lankan Ship owners are requested to submit copies of International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC) issued to their respective ships, to this office before 30th June 2004.

11th June 2004
Merchant Shipping Division
Ministry of Ports and Aviation
43/89, Bristol Paradise Building
York Street,
Colombo 1,
Sri Lanka.
Fax; ++941-2441429

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