Port of Colombo Operation Update

11th January 2021

Port operations have normalized as reported in the last communique dated 21 Dec 2020. However, in light of recent inaccurate customer advisories, this communique is intended to re affirm the true status of the port of Colombo's operational performance update.

1. Berthing.

The Port of Colombo is back in line with its normal berthing window protocols. We observe an average delay of 3.0 hours and 2.5 hours respectively for vessel arrival and departure. This is primarily due to peak navigational demands and unseasonal weather. For any significant delays to specific vessels due to navigational movements, lines are requested to engage Harbour Control(HC)/Habour Master (HM} for exploration of service improvements initiatives.

Presently, no "window vessels" are at anchorage awaiting berth. "Non-window vessels" may encounter intermittent berthing delays influenced by aforementioned instances.

2. ITT.

Movement between the 3 terminals has been restored. Although, intermittent challenges are experienced during high-volume movements for specific vessels with short lead times. Yard density across the 3 terminals is close to optimal operating levels which has significantly improved ITT movements.

No shut-outs were reported during the period of review.

Carriers are requested to reduce long dwell transshipment containers at terminals, in order to assist efforts to maintain optimum yard operation in support of efficient ITT movement.

3. Yard.

All of the 3 terminals are now at close to optimal operational level of yard density.

The average transshipment container dwell time in the port has increased exponentially since the pandemic. In an effort to manage yard density in the respective terminals, transshipment containers must be nominated to on-carrying vessels within 7 days of discharge.

4. Quayside productivity.

The 3 terminals are back to normal operations to deploy necessary quay cranes with the required support equipment and human resources in the yard to serve vessels at berth and the gate operation without hindrance.

The Port of Colombo is committed to relentlessly pursue minimal end-to-end port time for vessels. This remains our perpetual aspiration and promise to customers.

5. Covid-19 contingency

The port continues to strengthen its Covid-19 prevention/protection protocols working closely with the area Public Health Inspector (PHI) under the direction of the Ministry of Health. The 3 terminals have established contingency protocols to sustain normal operating deliverables in any reasonably anticipated fluctuations.

Global trade patterns are evolving to a new normal which requires a review of network and operational collaboration across all stakeholders. In this regard the 3 terminals in the Port of Colombo continue to deploy joint operational initiatives towards meeting and exceeding our customer expectations. The continued support of the liner shipping community in actualizing these initiatives is appreciated.

We thank you - our customers for your continued support and understanding.

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