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04th July 2016

New container weighing rules: GSF says unjustified VGM charges are unacceptable

Imposition of unacceptable verified gross mass charges and surcharges.

The new container weighing regulations which take effect globally today, 1 July 2016, were introduced to enhance maritime safety and reduce the dangers to containerships, their crews and all those involved throughout the maritime supply chain.

Recognising the crucial importance of safety in the maritime sector, the Global Shippers' Forum has consistently taken a constructive approach to the verified gross mass requirements and played a key role in IMO in securing flexibility in the requirements to enable shippers to make accurate VGM declarations at minimum cost and disruption to international trade. As a result, shippers have two methods of providing a VGM; by weighing the fully loaded container using calibrated and certified equipment or by using a calculated weight method where the shipper can sum the cargo items, packing and securing materials and add the tare of the container.

GSF has worked with shipping, terminal and cargo handling associations worldwide to ensure shippers and supply chain partners are aware of the requirements and has developed joint industry guidance to assist shippers and other maritime industry stakeholders with compliance and implementation of the new rules. This guidance is available on GSF's website

GSF is especially pleased to note the flexible and equivalent weighing and reporting methodologies that have emerged in recent weeks.

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