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09th February 2015

Sri Lanka Customs - Notice to All Importers/CHAA

It has been observed that CHAA face significant difficulties in paying overtime during various stages of import clearance process of containerized cargo. In order to remedy the situation, it has been decided to recover a fixed facilitation charge from all imports Customs Declarations (CusDecs) related to FCLs.

Accordingly with effect from 09.02.2015, Rs. 1600 will be added to the Assessment Notice for each CusDec for FCL cargo irrespective of the number of containers contained in the consignment. No overtime will be charged again for such consignments even when it takes a number of days to clear the same due to some reason.

FCL Cargo related to Customs Declarations submitted before 09.02.2015 shall be cleared with the payment of overtime according to the existing procedure where necessary.

Please refer the attached notice for further details.

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