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03rd July 2014

Sri Lanka Custom's Announcement: Establishment of a Centralized Cargo Processing Facility at Port Access Road

Sri Lanka Customs is pleased to announce the establishment of a centralized Cargo Processing Facility with a view of facilitate the export sector in Sri Lanka. The new facility is located adjoining the Port Access Road at No.06, Bloemendhal, Colombo 13. and will be operational as a pilot project in processing Export cargo on 24x7 basis, with effect from 01st July 2014.

Exporters are expected to lodge Cargo Dispatch Notes electronically (e: CDN) for export containers that will be brought into the Port premises on or after 1st July 2014.

Export cargo identified as high risk, based on risk assessment will be subjected for examination. Through this exercise, Sri Lanka customs expect to extend expeditious service for the legitimate export sector and thereby significantly reduce the time and cost related to export processing at customs. The proposed measures will surely enhance Sri Lanka's competitiveness in the global trade Download Notice

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