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18th October 2013

Trade Notice Sri Lanka Customs - New Gazette No 1829/39 of 27/09/2013

A most awaited Gazette Notification to implement Changes to the Export Cargo Clearance Procedure has now been published.

Accordingly, Sri Lanka Customs is in the process of implementing new export cargo clearance procedure.

The following new features will be added to the AW system.

  • To process the eCusdec without hardcopy and the physical presence of the Declarant at the Customs Export Documents Processing Centre.
  • To collect the Examination Fee along with the other payments in one instance. To enjoy the benefits of these changes the exporters are required to appoint their Clearing Agents (Customs House Agents) by submitting a Proxy to the Exports Office of Sri Lanka Customs. A draft Proxy and the instructions to register the same with Sri Lanka Customs are available at the Customs Website.
  • During the checking if any error is detected the SC (Exports) shall inform the error to the Declarant via email/SMS and request to amend the Cusdec
  • For FCL the Declarant or the Exporter and for LCL the Container Freight Station Operator shall submit the e-CDN (Electronic Cargo Dispatch Note) online to the ASYCUDA World System and dispatch the containers to the port. One copy of the e-CDN shall be sent along with the container for the easy identification. At the NCT Gate the officers shall check the e-CDN and allow the container into the port.

Download Gazette (1829/39 of 27/09/2013)

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