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09th January 2013

Sri Lanka Shippers' Council visits Mattala Airport and Magampura Port

Sri Lanka Shippers' Council conducted a field visit to Hambantota International Airport (HIA) and Magampura New Port on Saturday 09th February 2013.

The tour delegation comprised over 170 participants from member Associations of the Council including Exporters, Importers, Freight forwarders, Logistics providers, Courier companies and Shipping lines. The participants were amazed to see the developments that have taken place at the project site.

Sharing his views on the visit Mr. Dinesh De Silva, Chairman Shippers Council said, "the visit was certainly useful and had given then participants a remarkable knowledge enhancing experience and an opportunity of networking with individuals from different organisations. A steady development in the district could be seen due to the development activities taking place in and around the Hambantota port and the airport. He further stated that there are numerous business opportunities with the port development and the shipping industry could play a vital role in the county's economic contribution. Moreover, the trade could now exploit opportunities in order to promote both Sothern sea port/air port.

Sri Lanka's second International Airport, Mattala Mahinda Rajapaksa International Airport is due to be opened in March 2013 and which could accommodate the world’s biggest A380 aircraft. The world's first communication tower constructed depicting a lotus is now ready with all the required communication equipment been installed. In addition the runway and the taxi way too have been completed ahead of schedule. A Sri Lankan Airlines aircraft made its maiden landing at the HIA recently. A presentation made by the Head of Marketing of Airport and Aviation Authority, Ms. Kaushali Munasinghe provided the glimpse of the entire project. The airport is planned to be developed in two stages

Stage 01 – 1 million passengers per annum, 45000 Mt of cargo per annum, 30,000 Aircraft Movements per annum, ten parking bays for Aircrafts, 02 aero bridges

Stage 02 - 5 million passengers per annum, 150,000 Mt of cargo per annum, 45,000 Aircraft Movements per annum, 25 parking bays for Aircrafts, 15 aero bridges

"Exciting Incentive packages await the Airlines coming into HIA at the opening of the Hambantota International Airport (HIA)", she said.

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