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17th September 2012

SLSC Circular to the membership / Importers & Exporters

Circular no. 20 of 2012:

Unfair & Unrealistic charges on Import / Export shipments

As you may be aware, the importers and exporters who have strict timelines for customs clearance of their import / export shipments, have no choice but to agree to many of these charges levied by 3p service providers, even though they feel many of them are unfair and not in line with INCO terms or Liner terms.

According to the findings, these are largely on FCA, CIF & CIP, LCL shipments. As a result, these charges are directly affecting the final cost of the Importer or the Exporter and then these large amounts of collected funds, may get drained out of the country loosing much valued foreign currency to the country, which can also be considered as exchange control violation.

Sri Lanka Shippers' Council has taken this matter up at a recent meeting held with Director General of Merchant Shipping (DGMS) and as agreed at the meeting, all such cases should be reported to the attention of the DGMS for necessary action.

We are of the view that, this issue has to be strictly addressed without delay and we wish to educate and support the trade on these matters.

In view of the above, Council urge all importers/exporters to be vigilant on this issue and to take up these matters strongly with the relevant service providers /parties. Further, it is also advised to report unresolved matters to DGMS for necessary action.

A list of the various charges prevailing in the industry, compiled by the Shippers' Council, which have not been applicable according to the transacted INCO term, is enclosed for your information.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Sri Lanka Shippers' Council


Various (Adhoc) Charges levied by Shipping Associations

  • THC
  • Doc fees
  • THC
  • Delivery Order (imports)
  • B/L fee (export)
  • Telex Release of Cargo (import and export)
  • Release against Guarantee
  • B/L amendments and corrections
  • Manifest Corrections (import)
  • Change of Status Admin Charge(incl.MCC,excl.empty removal)
  • Late B/L pick-up Fee (after 7 calendar days)
  • Late issuance of Shipping Instruction(SI)-more than 24 hours after vessel sailed
  • Manual (non-electric) SI
  • Container Cleaning Fee (import)
  • Separate THC for imports from 1995
  • Delivery order (import)
  • Fee on Release against Guarantee
  • Manifest correction import
  • Container Cleaning Fee
  • Imports (introduction of "0" freight )
  • Separate THC charge for exports
  • Container seal fee
  • US-AMS charge
  • Carrier security cargo
  • B/L Fee (Export) or FCR
  • LCL Charge
  • Telex Release of Cargo
  • B/L Amendments and corrections
  • Change of status admin charge
  • Late B/L pick up fee (7days)
  • Late Issuance of shipping instructions
  • Manuel shipping instructions
  • EU AMS
  • Emergency Bunker Adjustment factor
  • Handling charge
  • Status charge
  • MCC stuffing/de stuffing charge
  • Equipment imbalance charge
  • Liner Charge
  • Documentation charge
  • Container movement charge
  • Container Survey charge
  • Colombo Cost Recovery Surcharge (CCRS)
  • Container imbalance surcharge.
  • Change of status
  • Transport charge
  • Bank guarantee charge
  • Operational charge
  • Liner charge
  • BL Surrender fee
  • Origin service tax
  • Fumigation charge
  • Lift on charge
  • Documentation
  • Handling
  • Administration fee
  • Equipment cleaning / washing
  • CFS Charges
  • Agency charges - Origin
  • Changing status
  • AMS
  • ISPS


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