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26th March 2012

Directive No: NPQS/Treatment Technology Division/2012/01A
To all Methyl Bromide Users/Treatment providers

Monitoring Procedure for fumigation using Me Br Incompliance with Montreal Protocol

As per the Montreal Protocol Sri Lanka is bound to implement the protocol obligations as a party to the said protocol and hence the usage of Methyl Bromide not in conformity with Montreal Protocol for Quarantine and Pre Shipment (QPS) purpose has highlighted the importance of proper monitoring of fumigation activities.

An exemption has been given only for the use of Methyl Bromide for Quarantine and Pre Shipment uses and official Phytosanitary Requirements of either the exporting or the importing country which has to be duly certified by quarantine authorities.

Overall responsibility of coordinating the monitoring of Me Br fumigation has been entrusted to me by Director / SCPPC Letter no: SCPPC/AFAS/TECH 2012 dated 03.02.2012.

As per the consensus reached at the joint meeting held on 28.02.2012 to discuss the above issues the following procedure will be adopted in the Monitoring of Me Br fumigation for QPS purpose effective from 01.03.2012

  • Details about the commodity that has to be fumigated to be informed to DD/NPQS; by duly filling the application from minimum 3 days prior to shipment, (Format is attached)
  • DD/NPQS will verify whether it comes under official requirement of the country where the consignment is destined and thereby qualifies for the exception for QPS purpose in using Methyl Bromide under the Montreal protocol. If it qualifies dosage will also be recommended.
  • DD/NPQS will authorize the fumigation tend to be conducted by the treatment provider using Me Br or any other alternative according to the relevant standard.
  • If DD/NPQS is fully satisfied about the Methyl Bromide use for QPS purpose necessary facilitating will be made to authorize the RP-8.
  • Me Br fumigation to be undertaken at container yards/shippers go down and the consignments taken to the port for shipment after following proper ventilation/degassing procedures given in the standards.
  • This directive is valid until it is reviewed at a future date.

S.C Wanigasuriya
Deputy Director of Agriculture
National Plant Quarantine Service
Canada Friendship Road,
Katunayake, Sri Lanka


Request for Methyl Bromide fumigation for QPS purpose

  • Information of the Exporter
    • Name and address of the Consigner/Exporter & Contact No
    • Name and address of the Consignee
    • Country of Designation
    • Purposed Date of Export & Means of Conveyance
  • Description of the commodity to be treated with Methyl Bromide
    • Name of the commodity & Cuantity
    • Packing Material (Gunny Bags/Polypropylene/Polythene/Paper bags/Wooden box/card board/any other)
    • Packing status (Compact/loose/free space available)
    • Volume of the container of commodity enclosure & Container No
    • Purpose of the Methyl Bromide use (Quarantine/pre shipment/Other) (Please indicate the requirement of the country of designation / Attach the relevant documents)
    • Type of fumigation
    • Whether you need supervision of fumigation (Yes/No)
  • Information of the treatment provider
    • Name and address of the fumigation company/Treatment provides
    • Telephone number & Fax Number
  • Information on Methyl Bromide use
    • Proposed dosage rate
    • Proposed site/Location of the treatment
    • Proposed date and time for fumigation
    • Proposed date and time for degassing

I certified that the information given in this application is true and correct



For office use only

To: Treatment provider/Exporter
Approved/Not Approved
Recommended Dose rate & Number of Methyl Bromide cans required

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