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Compliance with International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS)

23rd June 2004.

Port of Colombo

The Director of Merchant Shipping Has confirmed that All Sri Lankan Ports will strictly comply with the ISPS Security requirements effective 1st July 2004.

In this connection we wish to inform the trade of the following

  • The Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) has been entrusted with the task of ensuring that Port strictly complies with the ISPS requirements.
  • ISPS requirements applies to all vessels calling at any Sri Lankan Port over 500GRT.
  • The SLN will not permit any vessel that does not comply with the ISPS Security Code to enter the Port.
  • This requirement will be applicable to every voyage.
  • Ship Agents and Ship Owners are fully aware of the requirements and have been requested by the Sri Lanka Navy to ensure that all ships adhere to the requirements. Under no circumstances will any ship, which is not ISPS compliant, be permitted to enter the Port.
  • Vessel Agents are required to communicate to the SLN details of all vessels over 500GRT which intends entering any Sri Lankan Port 24 hours before its arrival. Agents are required to communicate the required information, amongst other things which include the last port of call before entering Sri Lanka by FAX or E.MAIL to the SLN.
  • In the event of any suspect ship, the SLN will subject the ship to a physical check and also to a waiting period which can delay the arrival/berthing up to 24 hours.

As you would observe all above requirements are ship or agent related.

The council wish to inform members that they should be mindful of the above requirements and that Shippers’ should ensure that no material should be exported or imported through the Port that would compromise the Security of the Port.

The SLN will also strictly enforce the Port Permit requirements in respect of Personnel and Vehicles entering the port.

In the event members require any further information they are required to communicate with the Secretariat.

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