Sri Lanka Shippers' Council and Export Development Board Join Forces to Boost Sri Lanka's Export Sector

25th November 2023

In a collaborative effort to advance Sri Lanka's export industry, the Sri Lanka Shippers' Council (SLSC) convened with the Export Development Board (EDB) to address industry critical issues and outline strategies to enhance the nation's export capabilities.

Attended by the Chairman of the SLSC Mr. Sean Van Dort and Chairman of the EDB Dr. Kingsley Bernard and key stakeholders of both organizations, the meeting addressed several key areas including assessing the current status of the National Export Strategy (NES) prior to its implementation.

Aiming to streamline export processes and ensure compliance of agricultural exports with international standards, the meeting initiated plans for an engagement with the Director General of the National Plant Quarantine Service.

The SLSC also highlighted the importance of enhancing digital infrastructure, including increasing digitalization and ensuring surveillance at all Customs ports at the Bandaranaike International Airport, in order to streamline export processes and ensure smoother operations which would contribute towards resolving current logistics issues.

The SLSC also requested the EDB to support the industry's call to continue with the Special Value Added Tax scheme, which would ensure critical support for the beleaguered industry. Plans to reinstate the monthly Exporters' Forum which would ensure a regular platform to foster communication among exporters, providing a space to share insights, address challenges, and collaborate on opportunities, were also discussed at the meeting.

The meeting signified a promising step forward in strengthening Sri Lanka's export sector, fostering collaboration, and addressing critical challenges, in order to ensure the export sector is able to thrive in an increasingly competitive global market.


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